I just saw this and it got me to wondering. How many of us here do any volunteering and what do you do? I lead free bike rides for women as part of British Cycling's Breeze programme. I sometimes lead longer but I specialise in putting on short (less than 5 miles) traffic free rides aimed at beginners or looking to gain confidence. I also founded Nottingham Girls Cycle - a friendly social cycling group. I just do whatever needs doing there! I'm also the first person to be appointed to a British Cycling Regional Board with a portfolio for recreation. Traditionally 80% of members have been involved with competitive cycling but now it's shifted and is still moving to higher numbers and 50% of the membership are now recreational cyclists so it's important we have a voice. The board's members are essentially what you would call 'trustees' and we're all volunteers. I also volunteer periodically for my choir - we've twice hosted a choir festival and I've coordinated a lot of the admin for that, plus I look after clothing orders. What exciting things do you do in your community?

Posted by Cath at 2019-04-05 22:16:22 UTC