Just wanted to pop a little update on here after my big whinge and moan about wet suits and feeling freakishly tall & obese according to sports brands & their miniature clothing sizes. HUUB have been so super helpful and accommodating. I had a chat with 3 different people, all really helpful and I have ended up with this little corker. I mean sure it’s incredibly tight and a bit strangle-y on the neck but apparently that’s what it’s meant to feel like. I have a ladies wet suit, with space for boobs, bum, hips and tum 🙌🏻 Just wanted to say a big thanks to @mel for helping me out with this. All the big brands are still ridiculously small in their sizes so if you could just have a word with Mr Nike or Mr Speedo that would be fab🤣

Posted by JessicaLane at 2019-07-17 21:57:13 UTC