Just wondering if any of you have ever experienced sexism in bike shops. It has happened to me too often! Recently, I was having difficulty changing up from the middle chain ring on my road bike to the largest one. Bike Shop Ogre#1 didn't look at it properly and said it was likely "Rider error". Bike Shop Ogre#2 wanted to charge £30 just to inspect the bike and said no guarantees whether anything could be done! He said "regularly it's £60" like he was doing me a favour. After I started to get visibly angry and upset, a mechanic emerged from the back and did a few minor adjustments with a screwdriver - problem solved and he did not charge for it. Why did I have to get angry before anyone would believe me? Was it because I had recently downgraded my pedals for the Her Spirit Super Sprint Triathlon and changed the clip-in pedals to toe clips? Was it because I happened to be wearing a dress (with shorts underneath)? Another time I went to buy some mudguards and asked if they were easy to install myself. Bike Shop Ogre#3 asked me "whether I had a man in the house". Seriously?! And this was quite a young guy. Needless to say, I didn't buy from there.

Posted by Emily W at 2019-07-17 13:55:31 UTC