Picture this a normal morning in the Swan house......despite all best efforts to be organised I've yet again ran it to the wire. with one child, the youngest 9 at residential I thought it would be easier to be organised with only my 11 year old daughter who is perfectly capable of sorting herself out for school with minimal encouragement from me. But no its role reversal once again...."mum hurry up its 820am already we leave at 825 and you haven't even had breakfast" oh God I'll have breakfast biscuits pictured here my normal go to running out the house breakfast! ahhh but @mel has sent me article about sugar in so called healthy food which I've laid in bed reading,and suggested I post with some insight and suggestions about choosing better. God I cant possibly have those then my head is thinking what a hypocrite I'll be! So with all of 5 mins the smoothie maker gets whipped out, in the back of the freezer is packets of smoothie mix from when I shopped on a good day thinking I'll be healthy but have been there for 6 months! well today's the day for those! so with some almond milk a packet of smoothie mix a scoop of protein powder again from when I thought that buying the ingredients somehow made me healthy! (if only that was the case) and a heaped teaspoon of smooth peanut butter this smoothie was created in all of 120 seconds!! So off to school we go on time I'm so happy with my chaotic life and smiling at the thought I've actually got a good breakfast! I wish I was as organised as my 11 year old! I Get in the car and realise I've left it on the bench!!! So quick run back and climb back in feeling as scatty as ever the smug feeling was so short lived! "God mum this is like standing in the queue waiting for the toilet and everyone taking forever" what she means is mum you are a bloomin nightmare but is too polite to say it! The smoothie maker was a present from my kids for my birthday in an attempt to get me to make them so we weren't always late! the smoothie bags you can pick up from most supermarkets for about 3 for £150 in freezer section. if you dont have protein powder add two heaped teaspoons of peanut butter!

Posted by Karenswan at 2019-04-05 09:19:10 UTC