Did my first open water swim of the season tonight at salford quays (pics of a different doc cos it was easier to get a photo there!). I just wanted to try and give a bit of comfort to anyone who's still nervous about the swim. I'm probably one of the few in the group who's strength lies in the swimming (and am fretting about the cycling 😂), but rest assured that I still find it disorienting in open water. It's hard! So i swim a bit of crawl...then some breaststroke...sometimes i roll over and do a bit of breaststroke legs on my back for a rest (and a change of scenery 😁). My point is, try not to beat yourself up about stroke or times or what other people are doing. Take your time and do whatever's most comfortable - I'll certainly be in no rush so if you promise to support me on the bike, i'll support you in the water 😀. We've got this! 💪

Posted by kimsouth119 at 2019-07-10 21:18:17 UTC