So after an amazing week last week I thought I'd share a little. I completed the inflatable obstacle course at Colwick racecourse. Had an amazing time doing it. Had the opportunity to attend the VIP day at the UK coaching confrence with the amazing @Vicky Malmsjo to tell our stories. So proud to be there for Her Spirit. Completed my first parkrun at Colwick in what I thought wasn't a bad time of 43 minutes. I haven't run this far for a while. I enjoyed every minute and so proud of myself. (Legs and knees perhaps more achey and sore than I expected). Will now try to go at least every other week to Colwick or Forest Rec. Started the 1million step challanges and off to a good start with just over 100k in my first week. OK enough from me. A massive thank you to an amazing and inspiring community of women. You all give me new ideas and goals daily #togetherwevegotthis

Posted by Gemma Hatfield-Bowley at 2019-07-08 06:18:31 UTC