Just done a trial tri at my local pool in my tri suit...400m swim, 8.3k on my bike and 2.8m run. My thoughts? - my feet were really squelchy after the swim but i got over it - i still feel like i should be wearing a seat belt on the bike πŸ˜‚ - cycle lanes are awesome (when they're there!) - im terrified of getting up any speed on hills in case i need to break sharply! - do people put deodorant on after the swim? - do you lock your bike up at the transition point? - if it was cooler would i be shivering on the bike? - i wasn't as tired as i thought I'd be but i definitely need to work on legs! All in all, it was a lovely evening to do some multisport activity and i rather enjoyed it! looking to get to Salford Quays next week for a bit of open water jelly legness! 😁

Posted by kimsouth119 at 2019-07-02 18:52:26 UTC