Ok ladies, I read @Debbie’s post and thought about how I was feeling about everything and realised I have a few issues, so this is me: I swim, I cycle and I run, but I do none of them fast or with any style. My only goal is to finish! I lost my mum in July and took up running and this has spiralled from there, so really this is all her fault! 😍 I now own a secondhand road bike and I get a little freaked out if I go too fast and I am definitely not clipping in! So slow & steady for me! I’m worried about other people in the swim, I don’t like sharing a lane at the pool so the thought of 100 other people and their feet & arms near me is a little discombobulating, but I’m going to be at the back on the side. I will swim front crawl, but if I need to switch to breaststroke I will. Finally, I hate the heat and have been known to faint, so the thought of running in heat is worrying me, but if I have to walk, I will. The transitions don’t worry me as much, I think because I have read every piece of triathlon literature known to mankind (I like to have all the facts) and I have made lists! So to sum up, every element freaks me out a little but I have a plan and am loving the training and loving this little group and so I WILL BLOODY DO THIS FOR MY LOVELY MUM (who would think I’m nuts but would have cheered me on till she was hoarse)

Posted by bex1922 at 2019-06-30 10:44:14 UTC