I hate negativity, and have always encouraged my friends to keep going when they have felt they can’t continue with their ride, or with their run. They all know that if we exercise together, there is no such word as can’t! We always start off together, and we always finish together. But today, I went to an OW swim with a swim coach. He was very encouraging throughout my swim, but I was about half way round the lake, when the doubts started to creep in. Can I really do this London Triathlon? How on earth am I going to swim amongst 50+ swimmers? How am I going to swim 400m without drowning? Yes. I am having serious doubts about this now. I’d be ok in a pool, but in a river? Please don’t take any negative vibes from this post - but I think we need to be honest about how we’re feeling. Hopefully you’re all making great process and your positive vibes will rub off on me!

Posted by Debbie at 2019-06-29 21:21:13 UTC