Hi Ladies I wanted to share with you my experience of attending my first tri-swim training session at Harvey Hadden Swimming Village in Nottingham last night. Having bought some goggles and a cap, I took up Mel’s advice to go along for some coaching to help improve my front-crawl technique conscious we are approach the half way point in our 8 week training plan. Yes, already! I can honestly say I was petrified. Firstly, on arrival - I became instantly anxious seeing the car park full then peering into to pool and noticing how busy that was too! My first reaction was, It’s so busy, I don’t know anyone, what am I doing? Gulp. Entering the poolside wasn’t much better but then I spotted Mel who gave me a friendly welcome and introduced me to another coach Steve and two ladies already in the pool (names now escape me as I was still petrified at this point!). I shared a lane with 5 other Swimmers who all seem to be pretty quick - by my beginner standards - and straight away the self doubt kicked in. How will I keep up...what if I get in the way.....WHAT ON CHRIST’S EARTH AM I DOING HERE??? Honestly, I wanted to disappear. Having only just reacquainted myself with front-crawl after a 30 year hiatus I struggled to keep up with the group. I felt a wave of emotions ranging from self consciousness and embarrassment to fear and panic. Then I realised something. I said to myself. Kirstie, Look how brave you are to get this far! You’re in the water and it’s ok not to be the best or quickest. You’re here to learn, you’re doing your best. You’re safe. I don’t complete all the drills. But I didn’t give up either and During the session I keep practising front crawl as much as my arms, legs and lungs will allow. I survived. Coach Steve gave me some positive feedback as well as some constructive pointers on how to improve my kick which will be useful for my my next pool session. I took away some other vital lessons too: 1: It’s ok to feel fear, worry and anxiety in new situations. It’s completely normal in fact. The trick is to push past these feelings, go beyond the discomfort. It gets easier. 2: Be kind to yourself. It will go a long way in times like these - congratulate yourself for trying, for getting this far! Even baby steps are steps towards our goals, hopes and dreams. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!! 3: The first time will always the hardest. Next time you’ll know more of what to expect, You’ll be a bit more prepared. 4: It will be ok. You will be ok. Together, we’ve got this. X

Posted by Kirstie G at 2019-06-25 22:01:22 UTC