RANT WARNING! @mel I have a new insight as to why not enough women enter triathlons. I have used this photo to illustrate my point. When I needed a swim suit that was for actual real life swimming (rather than just posing by the pool or bobbing in the water with little ones) I headed to town and went to a sports shop. I am a solid size 14, I am 6ft tall. So picked up lots of size 14’s and tried them all on...well the ones I could sqeeeeze into. Some of the swim suits were so small that the cut out from the back was stretched so far that my love handles were popping out from the front (cue absolute hysteria and my husband “kindly” offering to take a photo!!). So I sent him to fetch a load of size 16’s, there were only a few but I wasn’t bothered about the size, just keen to get a swim suit that fitted. If anything, these buggers were smaller!! So I asked him to bring anything in sizes 18,20 upwards. There were 2 swimsuits in the whole store, and only 1 (a size 18) fitted me. It upset me to think of women who are actually a real size 18 and how they must feel unrepresented and uncatered for in a sports shop. Then the next hurdle - wetsuit. So I ordered my HUUB suit (thank you for the code) but when I was reading the size guide, there were no women’s suits for my height and my weight. I’m not fat, I know I’m tall but the tallest women’s suit was way under what I need weight wise. So a little miffed (as I don’t have a mans body, I have boobs and hips!) I ordered a mens medium/tall. It was delivered today but they have delivered a Women’s medium/tall, which I can only assume is because is because they’ve read my details and thought I had got it wrong. I’m feeling deflated, and really bloody annoyed for any and all of those women who are like me or bigger or taller than me. If anyone else is like me, we dread getting into a wetsuit let alone an ill fitting one :(

Posted by JessicaLane at 2019-06-25 20:22:43 UTC