Early morning bike ride in my local park. I’m trying to build my confidence on my road bike. Practiced wearing bike shoes but not clipping in (for when I’m on busier roads and lots of traffic lights) as well as clipping in and out lots. Getting my heart rate up a bit more standing, couple of hills. Really nice way to start the day / weekend, sunshine out, sharing the space with early morning runners and people still up drinking from the night before! Next week will be a couple of firsts for me. Open water swim on Monday evening at Lee Valley (if anyone interested in joining still chance to book). Also going to be joining a club ride out to Ashridge next Saturday with a local women’s bike club so get to spend a long time on my bike and meet new people. Glad I’m now getting round to all the things I’ve been wanting to do for ages!

Posted by Clare T at 2019-06-22 07:29:39 UTC