Anyone else struggling with striking a balance between training and home life? I am mum to 2 little ones who have clubs etc but who also want a book at bed time with mummy and cuddles, and I also work, I also do quite a bit of freelance design which I need to do and love, and then there’s getting some quality time with my other half, and also haven’t seen any friends in yonks, but also need to ensure I am eating healthily and we have an allotment which is brimming with fruit and veg but that needs maintaining and GAHHHHHH!!! Anyone else?...anyone? 😭 Don’t expect a suggestion to fix any of this, but just a nod that I’m not the only one. Need to chant one of favourite quotes: I can do anything. I just can’t do everything! X

Posted by JessicaLane at 2019-06-21 21:45:50 UTC