Many of you this week have asked swimming questions and I thought this may help you. First of all swimming breaststroke is fine. Build up your freestyle swimming every week. You don't need to crack it in weeks 1 & 2 or even 3 & 4. Think Breathe-bubble-bubble-breathe... Most people are nervous when they get into the water to swim (and particularly an open water swim) so what's the first thing you tend to do instinctively? Hold their breath! Holding your breath builds up excess CO2 in your system which can easily lead to a panic attack. Make sure you exhale smoothly and continuously into the water from the very start and try combine it with bilateral breathing timing. Our friends at Swim Smooth call it Breathe-bubble-bubble-breathe. We will post some great video next week that I am sure will help bring it to life more. And what else do you want to know more about next week

Posted by Mel (Her Spirit Co-Founder) at 2019-06-14 13:56:37 UTC