I need to juggle my plan around a little to fit in with work/mum life. It was swim for me tonight it didn’t quite go to plan. I’ve realised that it’s actually really hard to swim at a slower pace when you’re doing the front crawl. Like the swimming equivalent of a jog. So the RPE 3 but is actually quite tricky as the temptation was to just SWIIIIIMMMMM!!! So after swimming pretty much flat out for about 15 minutes i was pooped!! So I changed tactic and tried to swim steadily. Just 100m at a time and then have a break. And it got easier...and then it got harder (as I was getting so tired!). So many things to think about. Anyone got any swim tips on how best to keep the speed down and therefore have a bit more endurance?

Posted by JessicaLane at 2019-06-11 22:32:16 UTC