SWIMMING So I braved attending my local tri club swim session on Friday evening. I used to be a strong swimmer when I was (much!) younger as an early teenager but the only swimming I’ve done recently is bobbing about in the pool with my kids. I’ve never done the front-crawl-under-arm-breathing-technique-thing (it would be much easier if I didn’t need to breathe!), but having a coach on hand to give me some tips, suggest a few things was a HUGE help. It just means I can go swimming again on my own this week to practise the tips he’s given me. So I guess that would be my advice for any non swimmers like me, to maybe try to seek out a coached session. Anyone with any other swimming tips? I am a little daunted by the things I need to buy (goggles, swim hat, pull buoy (?), tri fins, hand paddles...) as I don’t want to spend too much and/or get the wrong stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️

Posted by JessicaLane at 2019-06-02 20:13:03 UTC