Welcome to the Her Spirit Community and congratulations on making your first big step to finding your healthier and happier self. The secret to finding your whole spirit is to add to your life and not take away. That means eating good nutritious food, NOT counting and cutting calories and being active because you love it, not because you have to, and learning how to find that 'moment to breath' in your hectic daily life. We are here to educate, inspire and guide you on your journey to find your whole spirit and live a healthier and happier life. HER SPIRIT will provide you with the motivational tools, techniques and a community of like-minded women to help YOU find your healthier and happier self. All we ask is you make a commitment to yourself to take these first few steps and support other women on the journey via the Her Spirit Community Feed in the app. Remember its small daily steps that make the biggest difference and we are here to help you every step of the way. Now is your time……… don’t delay, join in and lets be phenomenal women together! Mel & Holly Her Spirit Co-Founders xx

Posted by Her Spirit at 2019-03-23 14:09:03 UTC