Hello fellow spiriters long time no check in. Life has got in the way recently. But I have been checking the group and the app. So much exciting stuff happening for us all. We truly are an amazing group of women. High five us... In the next few months I have a few things planned I wanted to share. I will be following my crazy husband to Northamptonshire to watch him do a tough mudder. He has challenged me to join him next time😮 I will be doing the inflatable 5k at the race course in early July with a group of amazing women I work with. Also the peak challenge the following weekend! I have my new walking boots which I'm breaking in by walking the three miles to and from work. Carrying a knee injury recently which has been tough for me. My mojo got a little lost in recent weeks as I limp my way through life, but it's almost back to "normal". The knee and my mojo 😜 Hopefully back to my running as weather improves and knee permitting. As always Zumba with the amazing Charmaine Daley when work isn't dragging me off on training courses. Let me know what you are up to inspire me. Hugs, high fives, and good vibes to all xXx

Posted by Gemma Hatfield-Bowley at 2019-05-16 07:58:00 UTC