Hi ladies, for those of you training for Great Notts 50, I've put a few build up Breeze rides on. They start at 20 miles and will get a bit further each time. They are likely to be slow and steady (avg 10mph), so they're perfect if you're looking to up your distance and confidence. No-one gets left behind. There's a few places left each week, please sign up for each ride you want to do, I'm limited to the numbers I'm allowed to take. Link is for next week, others are on the website. @Cath and @Eselle will be there too 😁 (photo to prove how much fun cycling is! 😆) https://www.letsride.co.uk/rides/the-great-notts-50-miles-build-up-rides

Posted by Liz H at 2019-05-05 16:07:58 UTC