Morning ladies! I popped to the gym this morning before work and this piccie sums up most of what makes me feel great about the gym (other than the feel good factor of exercising). For me it’s a chance to listen to MY music. Loud. And without fear of the odd swear word corrupting little ears. Love my conductive headphones! And, when I have time, my post-gym treat is to get into my swim costume and use the health suit at Ken Martins. Love their sauna & steam room. I could stay there all day. Lastly, the gym is almost the only time that I ever get to shower without a dog/cat/child/hubby pestering me through the shower curtain. If it wasn’t for the gym then I’d miss out on these secret treats. I’m on the tram to work now - but I know that I’ll feel brill for the rest of the day. I even managed to get a bit of lippy on in peace! 🤣

Posted by Helen Hemstock at 2019-04-29 10:35:08 UTC