It’s been one of those weeks, ladies! This week I’ve worked 10hrs a day on stuff that couldn’t be delayed and I’ve spent a lot of hours sitting at a desk. But, today has been the worst. By 6pm I’d only clocked up 2.900 steps and I was ready for bed! 8pm came around and the kids all went to bed (yippee! 😂) . Oddly though, I suddenly realised that although my brain was tired my legs felt restless. So, I took the dog out for a walk - and somehow managed to catch up on the 9k of steps that I’ve been missing today. I heard the birds going to bed and saw revellers going out - it was a lovely invigorating walk and I literally feel like a different person to the one that sat down exhausted, earlier. Happy Thursday, everyone - I hope you all get chance to recharge your batteries this Easter 😀

Posted by Helen Hemstock at 2019-04-18 20:28:55 UTC