Week 3 is now available in Start your Journey Section. Week 3 is all about setting goals to achieve your vision. First up is an 8 minute video by James Clear a renowned writer on habits and habit formation. He has a theory that making a 1 % improvement every day (small steps) aggregate up to transformational changes over time. The opposite is also true. The maths works......what do you think? This week we will ask you to download the weekly inspired steps sheet and add your newly created vision and big goal for your Mind, Body and Fuel. Each week we will work on adding a small inspired step that takes you forward in YOUR journey to a happier and healthier life. To support each week we have provided you with a weekly tracker so create intent and support with your forward planning. This is key to habit formation and long term success.

Posted by Her Spirit at 2019-09-29 15:00:12 UTC