A key part of this next 16-weeks is coming together to share experiences and have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas as a group. We really do believe that 'together we've got this'. Our first group call will be on Tuesday at 7-8pm and can be accessed via Zoom. The call will be led by Co-Founder Holly and Pamela Windel, Her Spirit Health Coach. Don't worry if you can't make the call as it will be recorded and you can watch it back in your own time. Holly, Mel and Pamela can also be contacted via the app or email at anytime so please don't be shy! Every Sunday we will also post a Community Q+A to allow us to understand where you would like more help, support or answers to burning questions. This first call will allow you to ask questions and share with each other your 7-day diary reflections and holistic health assessment outcomes. A key part of this session will also start to explore your vision for the future and will support the vision board exercise next week.

Posted by Her Spirit at 2019-09-19 14:00:08 UTC