We are excited to be starting our 16-week fuel yourself for a happier and healthier life journey. Our philosophy is all about 'you' and supporting you to take control of your mind, body and fuel. Week 1 officially starts on Monday but is now available via 'Start your Journey' section on the main app menu. We have developed a unique, holistic coaching experience that will take you through a series of weekly activities, video and audio guides to help you understand yourself, reverse your self-limiting beliefs and ultimately help you live life to the full. This is not a quick fix, this is a whole lifestyle change and the results will be down to how much you invest in the programme, your willingness to be vulnerable and the support you can give others along the journey to create a healthier, happier life. We know that through togetherness we can achieve amazing things. We absolutely believe you can achieve anything you want to. We will be with you every step of the way and we promise the transition to a healthier and happier life will be worth it. The Programme will be led by Her Spirit Co-Founders Holly Woodford, Mel Berry and Her Spirit Health Coach Pamela Windle. Pamela is a highly experienced functional nutritionist and specialises in women's health and understanding your hormones. In addition to the weekly content we will host group calls and use the global community feed and app notifications as our main method of communication. If you would like to have a private conversation with any of us then please use the 'Friend' request button for Holly, Mel and Pamela. Please do ensure you have agreed to in-app notifications to receive our communications. You will find these settings in your profile :) Week 1 is all about reflection and taking time to understanding where you are at with your Mind, Body and Fuel. Task 1 - Download and Complete Your 7-Day Reflect Diary Task 2 - Complete your Holistic Health Assessment Task 3 - Watch the Nutrition Basics Video Each week will also include Build Your Spirit motivational podcasts and videos. What will be included over the next 16-weeks? * Holistic health assessment *7-Day Mind, Body & Fuel diary *Set your vision and goals *Build Your Spirit motivational podcasts and video *Understand your hormones and menstrual cycle *Creating positive beliefs around food & exercise *Understand what has held you back in the past being healthier and more active. *How to overcome your barriers to successful healthy eating and being more active *Taking control of your journey *7-Day meal planning *Growing library of healthy fast food recipes *Build up to 150 minutes of weekly exercise If you have any questions please do email holly@herspirit.co.uk or mel@herspirit.co.uk If you would like to invite your friends to join you on the journey they can do at 25% off. They just need to click this url and follow the sign up instructions https://herspirit.disciplemedia.com

Posted by Her Spirit at 2019-09-14 19:39:42 UTC