Proud Coach Moment Huge shout out to the incredible @Kerry who swam her first ever 3k open water event this morning in 75 minutes! I met Kerry only 2 months ago when she came to me for some open water coaching as she had entered her first ever triathlon with @herspirituk She completed her 400m swim at the @thelondontri in 13 minutes 45 seconds and I was enormously proud of her! I then somehow managed to convince Kerry to sign up for the 2 mile Swim Serpentine event so she could claim her London Classics Medal, and to my delight she said yes! So today that 400m swim became a 3000m Swim in only 10 weeks of training and next Saturday she will be wearing more bling than Mr T! And now it’s a race because Kerry has dropped her time from 3 mins 43 secs per 100m to 2 mins 50 secs per 100m! Well done Kerry i am so happy for you. I knew you were a natural! #swimcoach #swimspirational #openwaterswimming #openwaterswimmer #outdoorswimmer #outdoorswimming #sharetheswimlove #swimwildandfree #swimserpentine #swimserpentine2019

Posted by Vicky Malmsjo (Her Spirit Swim Coach) at 2019-09-14 13:16:42 UTC