Had a bit of an emotional evening tonight coaching my beginners running group (I’m currently at the end of week 6 of a 10 week beginners running course). And it really hit home why some of us turn to exercise in the first place (I first turned to running to help me cope with grief & bring me back from a very dark place). It really can change lives! There I was thinking the majority of my runners would join because they wanted to lose some weight or gain some fitness, but we also have people there who struggle to leave the house so knowing there is a group of friendly faces waiting for them has helped. And another person who has lost their fiancé to suicide and they are struggling to cope and knew they were becoming too reclusive. And another person who has recently moved to this area and has struggled to meet friends and their confidence has been knocked. These are all women, and I as a woman am supporting them in this journey. How powerful is that!! ❤️

Posted by JessicaLane at 2019-08-29 22:37:28 UTC