Over the last 4 weeks the Her Spirit Together podcast series has started the conversation to challenge from the inside out, not only the diet and fitness industry, but the wider world we are living in. We have been talking to women from all spheres of life to understand what makes us imperfectly perfect and why women's lives are being increasingly viewed and judged through the Instagram lens. Our mission - Transforming women’s lives. Making the impossible possible through togetherness. We need your help to achieve our mission, and on Thursday 12th September from 6-8pm we would love to invite you to join the conversation in person and share your thoughts and ideas on how and why it is so important to challenge and change the diet and fitness industry. Please register at this link if you are able to join us https://forms.gle/aXNhk1YmmiubpRHv7. Please feel free to bring friends who are not members.

Posted by Her Spirit at 2019-08-20 14:19:40 UTC